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Maria Picone, LCSW-R

Maria Picone, LCSW-R, has over 35 years of social work experience working with individuals, couples and families. This includes 25 years of experience as a supervisor. Maria is currently the Director of the Family and Community Services Department at Catholic Charities of Buffalo. She oversees the Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST) Program, an evidence-based, intensive family treatment for delinquent and seriously behavior-disordered youth who are at risk of placement or incarceration. She also shepherds School Intervention Services. Additionally, as chair of the Trauma Continuum of Services at Catholic Charities, she coordinates the trauma training program there. Her areas of interest are working with families and youth, evidence-based practice, and clinical supervision. Maria has been involved in developing and nurturing interagency collaborations of Family Resource Centers in our community. Since the mid 80’s, Maria has been an adjunct professor at the University at Buffalo School of Social Work, teaching interventions courses including Interventions with Families, Interventions with Couples, Advanced Standing Seminar and Interventions I & II. She also specializes in teaching clinical supervision and is an instructor with the School’s Office of Continuing Education.

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Trauma-Informed Care: Working with Children and Service Providers in Mental Health Services

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Certificate Program: Online Trauma-Informed Organization: Basics for All Staff |  Trauma and PTSD |  Trauma-Informed Organization: Elective Courses
Maria Picone, LCSW-R
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Oct 01, 2014
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$60.00 - Trauma-Informed Organization: Basics for All Staff

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