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Margaret (Peg) Crawford, LMHC, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified EFT Practitioner

Peg Crawford LMHC, LLC

Peg Crawford, LMHC, has 40 years’ experience in counseling in Buffalo, NY.  She provides a unique approach to counseling by offering and teaching techniques that support the healing process in a holistic manner.  These techniques include Reiki, sound healing, Law of Attraction and Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping). Peg has been a Reiki Master Teacher for over 12 years and is an EFT Intermediate Level Practitioner. When these healing and energy techniques are added to the counseling process, many people become empowered to change their life through daily practices that help alleviate physical, emotional and spiritual pain, and move more quickly toward desired goals. Peg teaches all levels of Reiki, including Reiki Master Teacher classes on a regular basis.  Previously, she was the PROS Supervisor at Mid-Erie Counseling and Treatment Services in Buffalo. 

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