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What do I do if I can’t hear the audio?

1. Confirm that sound is available on your computer

  1. Please make sure the mute is not checked in your system volume
  2. Please make sure the volume on the viewer is turned up
  3. If you have external speakers, check the following –
    • The speakers are plugged into an outlet
    • The speakers are plugged into your computer
    • The speakers are turned on and the volume knob is turned up
  4. If you have integrated speakers, check the following
    • The speakers are not muted via a mute key on your keyboard

2. Please try closing the viewer tab, returning to your online account and launching the viewer once more.

3. Test audio from other flash videos at another site like

4. If you are still having issues hearing the audio and you are using a work computer, please contact your IT Administrator for additional help.  If you have audio working on other sites, you can contact Technical Support at 877-602-9877 or  If you have followed all of the above steps and you still do not have audio working on your computer for any website audio, you may need to consult with a computer repair service.

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