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What does digital seminar, self-study and live seminar/webcast mean?

Note: not all course options are available in the catalog.


Digital Seminar: These are courses previously recorded that qualify for self-study hours as you do not have access to an instructor at the time you take the course.All courses in our online self-study catalog are now available as Digital Seminars offering two options: watch as a streaming video and/or download the video and watch as often as desired. Both can be done at a time of your convenience. License: (course access) never expires They are available for purchase 365 days a year.


Self-study: This is a term that means you do not have access to an instructor at the time you take the course; please comply with your state licensure regulations regarding self-study continuing education rules.


Live Seminars or Webcasts: UB does not currently offer this type of course. Live Seminars or Webcasts refers to a live webcast where everyone watches the course at the same time. Access to the instructor for questions is available through the webcast system. This type of course is considered live online contact hours or live CEUs.



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