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How to review responses on a failed quiz

Did you not pass the quiz on the first try? You can review your responses and learn which ones were correct, and which were incorrect, including the choices you submitted. This allows you to go back and review areas that you may have found challenging or difficult to remember. We hope this helps you pass on your second attempt. You are allowed to take the quiz three times. If you do not pass on your third attempt, please contact so we can reset the quiz. We want to know if there are a number of people struggling to pass a quiz, or if a specific question is tripping anyone up so we can review how the question was written and where the answer can be found in the material. Our goal is to assess learning of the material, not confusing anyone. 

To review answers, please click on the plus sign next to the quiz attempt to open up a drop down of your results. Please see the following images for an example. 

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