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Marta Anderson, LCSW

Marta Anderson, LCSW is the role of Director of Implementation and Quality Assurance. She has extensive experience as an FFT Therapist, a Senior FFT Consultant, and direct service provider implementing FFT in the real world. Marta has working knowledge of Implementation Science and what is required to implement Functional Family Therapy across multiple contexts, cultures and geographic locations. Marta is a co-author of the book, titled Functional Family Therapy: An evolving evidence-based treatment for contemporary family issues.

Marta began her career in Child Welfare in New York City working with families to reduce abuse and neglect and preserve family stability. Marta’s clinical training is in Functional Family Therapy and she was a member of the first Functional Family Therapy team utilized in the Child Welfare setting in New York City. Marta has extensive experience managing Functional Family Therapy programs and held the position of Vice President of Prevention at The New York Foundling, overseeing multiple programs implementing Functional Family Therapy and serving over 2,000 families per year.  Marta also held the role of Vice President of Foster Care at The New York Foundling, using her experience in preserving family stability to support the reunification and permanency planning of children in Foster Care. Marta Anderson, then transitioned her focus from directly overseeing Functional Family Therapy Programs to developing other service providers and government entities in implementing Evidence Based Practices. Marta held the position of the Vice President of the Implementation Support Center (ISC) at The New York Foundling, working with community-based organizations and governmental entities in the U.S. and abroad to implement effective, Evidence-Based initiatives. Marta then joined the FFT Partners team in 2020 and holds the position of Senior Clinical Consultant, Director of Implementation & Quality Assurance.

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