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Erin Bascug, LMSW, PhD Candidate

Erin W. Bascug, LMSW, MS, is a doctoral candidate and adjunct faculty member with the University at Buffalo School of Social Work. She has a BA (Psychology) from Drew University, an MS in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Delaware, and an MSW from the University at Buffalo. Her research interests include understanding the ripple effects of early childhood trauma and later behavioral and sexual health outcomes in adolescence; youth experiences of sex trading, commercial sexual exploitation, and intimate partner violence; and mixed methods approaches. Ms. Bascug is Co-PI of the University at Buffalo's Co-Creating Well-Being Qualitative Study (CCWBQ), which examined the early effects of the Health Foundation for Western & Central New York's "Co-Creating Well-Being (CCWB): Supporting Children and Families Through Trauma" capacity building and grant-making initiative. Previously, Ms. Bascug served as associate director of the Department of Educational Initiatives and Research at the Council on Social Work Education. She also has experience in the fields of sexual assault prevention and response, domestic violence and human trafficking victim advocacy, and psychological health outreach for military service members.

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Co-Creating Well-Being/Supporting Children and Families Through Trauma: A Qualitative Exploration of Capacity

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Administration |  Children and Adolescents |  Trauma and PTSD
Mickey Sperlich, Ph.D. |  Qi Zhou, MSW |  Erin Bascug, LMSW, PhD Candidate
1 Hour 9 Minutes
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Apr 13, 2022
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