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Rubin Naiman

Rubin Naiman, Ph.D., is clinical assistant professor of medicine and the sleep and dream specialist at the University of Arizona's Center for Integrative Medicine, directed by Dr. Andrew Weil. He is a leader in the development of integrative medicine approaches to sleep and dream disorders, integrating conventional sleep science with depth psychological and spiritual perspectives. Dr. Naiman is the author of a number of groundbreaking works on sleep, including Healing Night, Healthy Sleep (with Dr. Weil), The Yoga of Sleep, Hush, and medical textbook chapters, as well as two upcoming books, Seven Weeks to Serene Sleep and DreamLife. Dr. Naiman also blogs for Huffington Post and Psychology Today. His presentations have been described as “brilliant,” “magical,” “truly creative,” and “simply outstanding.” (See 

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Rubin Naiman receives compensation as owner of Circadian Health Associates. He is also a consultant for Origins Natural Resources. Rubin Naiman receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Rubin Naiman has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.

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Healing Sleep and Dreams

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Rubin Naiman
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