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Sue Ventresca, MSN, RN

Sue Ventresca, MSN, RN, has been the Director of Health Related Services for the Buffalo Public School district for eight years. The health of the school community and its impact on student academic success is her priority. Sue’s collaboration with community stakeholders was instrumental in assuring a nurse in every school.  Her efforts to promote the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Coordinated School Health program model resulted in several awards from the American School Health Association that included honorable mention in recognition for exemplary school health leadership in 2012. A District Health Council and related committees, addressing the health of both students and staff, have been established under her leadership. Sue established a system at the BPS Central Registration Center, ensuring new students have access to health insurance and are provided social emotional wellness screenings in an effort to meet the students’ health-related needs and issues. Sue is passionate about creating a healthy school community and believes the students’ academic success is strongly linked to their health and well-being.

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Trauma-Informed Care: Working with Children, Youth and Service Providers in the Education System

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Certificate Program: Online Trauma-Informed Organization: Basics for All Staff |  Trauma and PTSD |  Trauma-Informed Organization: Elective Courses
Sue Ventresca, MSN, RN
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Oct 01, 2014
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$30.00 - Trauma-Informed Organization: Basics for All Staff

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