Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) an adjunctive treatment for trauma (Live Online)

Course Format Hybrid: Live In Person with recorded video online activity and reading based online activity

Course Requirements: To successfully complete the program participants must attend the 16.25 live in-person hours, complete the 4.5 self-study hours of required reading and video and pass a quiz on the readings and video with a score of at least 80%. Participants must attend all sessions, participate in discussions and demonstrate competent use of skills.

Trauma can have a debilitating negative impact on the overall quality of life of the individual. Trauma survivors experience symptoms ranging from hyper arousal to dissociation. This workshop will provide attendees with concrete skills to support facilitating Trauma Sensitive movement using forms of hatha yoga and breath awareness practices that can be vital to the healing process. Given the prevalence of trauma exposure in our society, effective treatment interventions for individuals are essential.

Developed at the Center for Trauma and Embodiment at the Justice Resource Institute in Brookline, Massachusetts, Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) is an empirically validated clinical intervention for complex trauma and chronic treatment resistant post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). TCTSY is equally accessible to all people regardless of age, gender identity, race, ethnicity, body type and physical ability. The TCTSY model is a rigorously tested, evidence-based adjunctive intervention developed and tested within the context established by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations (SAMHSA). In addition to yoga, TCTSY has foundations in trauma theory, attachment theory, and neuroscience.

This workshop is for social workers and mental health providers who wish to bring aspects of TCTSY into their treatment with traumatized adults and teens in any setting. Participants will expand their knowledge of trauma’s impact on the nervous system and broaden their skill set to include Trauma Sensitive movement and breath awareness. A brief overview of trauma theory and the neurophysiology of trauma will be followed with practical TCTSY techniques that can be used immediately with clients.

There are three hours of outside reading and one hour of video required prior to the course and a forum is made available to participate in discussion around the readings and video prior to and during the course.

This workshop qualifies as the prerequisite for anyone wishing to pursue the 300-hour Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) Certification Program for Yoga Teachers and Mental Health Career Professionals

Learning objectives:


The history with links to additional research on TCTSY can be found on the History of TCTSY website.

Target Audience: social workers, mental health practitioners, creative arts therapists, marriage and facility therapists, psychologists, addiction professionals, medical professionals, yoga instructors, and other interested individuals.

This program is for professional development and learning. We recognize that although many of us may have experiences of trauma the time we spend together will not be an intervention for our own individual healing. Talking and learning about trauma, even in the context of training, can be triggering.

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