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Navigating the Complexities of Modern Day Co-Parenting
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Length: 3 hours

Course Format

Recorded webinar.

Based on promoting effective co-parenting, this webinar relates learning how to be a successful co-parent to learning your ABC's. This makes the content easy to understand and remember. Families who are experiencing separation, divorce, or any other type of family restructuring come from all backgrounds. Working with clients around the impact of family restructuring on children transcends many cultures.  Participants will learn strategies and tools for effective co-parenting through the use of vignettes highlighting separated, non-custodial and two-parent households. 


  1. Identify new and proven co-parenting strategies to use with clients 
  2. Discuss relevant information about child health and development 
  3. Employ skills to reduce children's sense of isolation and form supportive networks with parents 


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Target Audience: social workers, mental health practitioners, creative arts therapists, marriage and facility therapists, psychologists, addiction professionals, medical professionals, and other interested individuals.

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Marcus Stallworth, LMSW

Marcus Stallworth, LMSW is the Director of Director of Learning and Organizational Development at Welcome 2 Reality, LLC. Marcus operates with an assertive hands-on approach.  Spending close to 20 years providing Child Protective Services, he is recognized by the State of Connecticut as an expert witness, providing testimony in numerous court proceedings. He has spearheaded several initiatives to promote fathers' engagement, prevent abuse and neglect, and address the dangers of social media. He has direct experience educating and supporting victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, training staff on sexual orientation and gender identity, and advocating for those in foster care. Marcus serves on the Board of Directors of the National Foster Parent Association and plays a leadership role in Connecticut's Fatherhood Engagement Leadership Team (FELT). He is also a member of Media Literacy Now’s National Advisory Council, which provides educators with advocacy and resources on media literacy education in schools.  

Qur-an Webb, MSW

Qur-an Webb, MSW, is the Director of Operations at Welcome 2 Reality, LLC. Qur-an has been in the social work field for over 20 years. Qur-an is the Connecticut Chapter Lead for Media Literacy Now which focuses on education around media literacy. In this role, Qur-an was instrumental in getting Public Act No. 15-94 and Public Act No. 17-67 passed in Connecticut which now mandates school systems to educate the safe use of social media and computer programming instruction and create an advisory council must be was created related to digital citizenship, internet safety, and media literacy. He also works as an independent contractor and is an adjunct instructor. Qur-an is the vice president of the Association of Black Sports Officials. In this role, Qur-an advocates for the rights of and opportunities for Black sports officials and pushes for equality among officials. He also provides training and professional development opportunities domestically and internationally for the company. 


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